Stanley Hub


Our Stanley Hub is co-ordinated by Leisureworks with regular weekly arts and education workshops being delivered from the Louisa Centre.

Leisureworks’ vision is that the local community be healthy, creative and successful, with a strong culture of participation in sport and the arts. Leisureworks specialise in Sports & Arts Management, Park’s Activities & Events, Sports Development; Swimming Development, Community Sports Opportunities; Arts Development, GP Referrals; Healthy Lifestyles and Leisure Marketing, and continues to develop long established links with schools, youth groups, clubs and other community sports and arts organisations. Leisureworks has a commitment to continue to provide quality services for local residents and to develop new initiatives to ensure growth within the organisation.

Leisureworks, The Louisa Centre, Front Street, Stanley,  Co Durham, DH9 0TE
T: 01207 218019  E: W: