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Comments from our clients who have attended our studio and outreach sessions all over County Durham

Some lovely feedback below from John one of the participants of this hugely successful course.

Walking Talking Photography Feedback
Why have you come to Colour Your Life? (Walking Talking Photography)
I came to Walking, Talking Photography because a friend told me about it. I wanted to meet other people interested in Photography and the countryside; the Weardale valley around St John’s Chapel being a very special part of the North East countryside. The course has developed my photography and allowed me to develop picture taking skills. Working as a group and seeing how and what other people do has been an very good experience. Also the exercise aspect of walking round has been very beneficial as I have some knee joint problems. The routes have been just right and being in the autumn the countryside has been at one of it’s best times of year for the quality of light.

What do you hope to achieve / have achieved through Colour Your Life (WTP)
I have achieved a new, more fluid approach to photography. The Walking Talking Photography course has been very important to maintaining my mental health as I can be susceptible to bouts of depression. The Courses have been just right in terms of the level of activity and learning. The social aspect has also been very important to me.

What courses are you interested in and what days and times suit you? (any thoughts in shaping future sessions)

What about courses on the following; More Courses such as Walking Talking Photography, Presenting Photography Projects, Using Social Media to Promote Photography Projects, Developing and Funding Photography Projects

 “Would appreciate a re-run of these sessions as I find this experience fulfilling and very worthwhile for my health” Anon participant, Breathing Space

“I have really enjoyed the sessions from a non artistic person. I have been shown ways of gently building up art skills in a variety of ways”

  “It has improved my moral.”

  “It’s helped me to realise how to look at things differently…how to have a different perspective from others. I am really looking forward to the future now”

 “I had never tried wood carving but found it to be relaxing, excellent!” 

 “This has been an ongoing, excellent opportunity to appreciate the level of determination and friendship of a group of ‘strangers’ can display!”

 “I really enjoy bringing James to the session. It is great to spend quality time with him making crafts that I wouldn’t imagined and thought of myself. James loves it…I’ve noticed he concentrates more, especially when we do crafts at home.”

 “I cannot praise the sessions enough. The artist is lovely, she is very enthusiastic and full of praise and encouraging with ideas for people’s work. I feel happier and more content since coming, as I have been dealing with a lot of street recently. I’ve become more creative and it has also helped me encourage this in my children.”

 “I couldn’t thank the staff enough, as it has been really good. It has built my confidence. I look forward to every week, it is very relaxing.”

 “I enjoy coming to the art group [Colour Your Life] it really helps me get through the rest of the week.”

“I find this class great therapy.  Given me some confidence back.  Everyone is non-judgemental and helpful.”

“The Colour Your Life sessions gave me something to look forward to each wednesday, thanks.”

“Enjoyable evening out at the pottery class away from the worries of everyday life.”

“I really enjoyed working on my drawing and painting skills.  The atmosphere was really calming and friendly.  Thank you.”

“I really enjoying coming here as I am achieving an awful lot and class is so friendly as well as expert tuition.”

“Met some really nice people.  Trish is such a good teacher.  I hope the learning continues.”

“Head thick, brain dumb, inspiration won’t come but Mark came to the rescue with fresh ideas to any problem.”

“A pleasant way to spend a saturday morning with the kids.”

“Batik is absolutely brilliant.  I could do it all day.  Look forward to coming here every week.”

“Great fun, little one was tired by the end of the day but lovely to be part of the childrens day.”

“This has been a fantastic group.  We are really going to miss it.  It’s been a great way to socialise and get creative.  Suzy and Annie have been alot of inspiration.”